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Page history last edited by CJ88 14 years, 11 months ago

2009 Registration


To register, please add your name, email address and information to the bottom of the list. Hit the "Edit Page" button above and use the password (a.k.a. invite key) "canuck" to edit this page. Registration is FREE!


Note to advanced wiki users: this is a WYSIWYG editor; please do not use wiki code. Merci!




This is page 2 -

See: 2009 Registration - Page 1






Problems with the registration page? Feel free to email Connie conniecrosby@gmail.com or Jay jay@jaymoonah.com or anyone else on the organizing team.


  1. Jay Moonah jay+@+jaymoonah.com - Podcamp Toronto 2009 organizer, podcaster, blogger & all-round sociable social media guy
  2. Spencer Callaghan
  3. Polly Washburn
  4. Muthu Shanmugam - programmer + blogger blog - company
  5. Meg Sinclair - public relations + Tweeter (@MegSinclair) - Media Profile
  6. Meesh Beer
  7. Thea Mitchell
  8. Vanessa Byrne
  9. Amanda Neale-Robinson www.linkedin.com/in/amandanr
  10. Darcy Clarke - Web Developer - skatesalotmore78@hotmail.com
  11. Carol Leaman - AideRSS, carol@aiderss.com
  12. Amanda Toner - toneram@hotmail.com
  13. Robyn Baldwin - Media Planner, Blogger http://robynbaldwin.wordpress.com, Tweeter @RobynB, robyn_baldwin@hotmail.com
  14. Shannon O'Keeffe -http://twitter.com/ShannonOKeeffe
  15. Debra Douglass - public relations, Pilot PMR, debra@pilotpmr.com
  16. Elaisha Stokes
  17. Cory Shepherd
  18. John Tobin - Architech Solutions (blog)
  19. Peter Zakrzewski - zakpet@gmail.com
  20. Eva S
  21. Gabriella Ip - gabriella.ip@newswire.ca
  22. Lisa, Skeptics Canada - office@skeptics.ca / www.skeptics.ca
  23. Derry, Skeptics Canada - office@skeptics.ca / www.skeptics.ca
  24. Peter, Skeptics Canada - office@skeptics.ca / www.skeptics.ca
  25. Dragan Stojanovic - wikiDOMO.com // Rotman School of Management // twitter // LinkedIn
  26. EG Aitken egaitken@sympatico.ca
  27. Monique Lahey monique.lahey@gmail.com
  28. Michelle Cliffe, WSPA, cliffe@wspa.ca
  29. Tracy Rose
  30. David Hayes
  31. Kasia Lech, @kasialech
  32. Gerald Fuhrer
  33. Gary Schlee, Gary Schlee Communications & A Class Act
  34. Andre Gaulin - @fuzzz, andreatgaulindotca
  35. Elaine Singer - Voice Talent
  36. Laura Muirhead
  37. Carol Levesque - @carolfil
  38. Carol Brown - c_carol_brown@hotmail.com
  39. Melissa Allen @manifique
  40. MJ Talbot
  41. Rob Holowka - Designer, Mediamaker
  42. Wendy Goldman - ourfaves.com
  43. Jamie Uyeyama- www.topcheddar.com
  44. Vanessa Yu - vyIT
  45. Dina Anker - UofT
  46. Linda Murphy Boyer - UofT
  47. Greg Campbell-U.W.
  48. Zane Smith
  49. Michael Favretto
  50. Pawel Pomorski
  51. Priyanka Jain - APEX Public Relations
  52. Maria Karpenko
  53. Jane Zhang - www.techsoupcanada.ca
  54. Nicole Ostonal — Fashion Graphic Designer
  55. Matt Morrison - Teacher, Peel DSB
  56. Tim Richard - UWO
  57. Susan Ward - Boost
  58. Shehan Mclelland - NExy: Youth and arts initiatives
  59. Jeff Hume - Ryerson Media Production Student and producer of A Foot in the Crease - The Toronto Hockey Podcast
  60. Basia Bukowski, co host a radio show called U.N.I.T.Y
  61. Todd Palmer, co host a radio show called U.N.I.T.Y
  62. Chris Tsang - Mindzai
  63. Neeraj Mishra
  64. Peggy Moss - editor, www.energycircle.com
  65. Pulat Yunusov - law student, @pulat
  66. Marie Magnin
  67. Nigel Stokes
  68. frank fox dekota4x4@hotmail.com co-producer of glbcradio
  69. Bilal Tariq bilal.tariq@utoronto.ca University of Toronto
  70. Rachel Caballero, Editor, caballero.rm@gmail.com / Twitter: rachelcaballero
  71. Sass zucket.com , twitter , sass@zucket.com
  72. Shirley Luong-Do, shirleyluongdo@gmail.com
  73. AdamDwek, adamdwek2@gmail.com
  74. Steven de Blois.Web Strategy Consultant.Social Computing www.twitter.com/stevendeblois
  75. John Euginetwitter
  76. matthew cloutier- matthew.cloutier@gmail.com
  77. Chris Stevenson, SoundProof Magazine
  78. Danna Barak
  79. Ben Kayfetz, bkayfetz@securitysolutions.ca http://www.securitysolutions.ca
  80. Rick Woolsey rick.woolsey@gmail.com http://www.onlinetoday.ca
  81. Graham Jenkin - Google
  82. Kim Gertler - kgertler@sympatico.ca
  83. Catherine Didulka - catherine.didulka@vincor.ca
  84. Dee Sethi - dee.sethi@gmail.com
  85. Bruce Leung - bruce@evisionsolutions.net - http://www.evisionsolutions.net
  86. Henry Lewkowicz - http://www.contextdiscovery.com  http://twitter.com/summarizer
  87. Eilish McCallum Motorcycle Biz Blog Twitter
  88. Chris Eiffel - UK Web Hosting Magento Hosting

Comments (16)

Mario Parise said

at 6:10 am on Oct 17, 2008

Sorry if this is annoying, but I bolded the password to help with usability. Is that ok? If not, unbold of course.

Anonymous said

at 11:49 am on Oct 29, 2008

Great idea! It's not annoying. This IS a wiki after all. Thanks and sorry I didn't reply sooner.

Anonymous said

at 6:57 am on Dec 5, 2008

I have no idea what happened to line 89, that was my 'registration', after my twitter link there are 3 or so users merged into my 'line', thus I moved it to line 90.

Anonymous said

at 12:09 pm on Jan 7, 2009

I can't seem to add links to my entry. I get the pop-up window, add my URL and hit OK...then nothing.

Anonymous said

at 3:40 pm on Jan 11, 2009

Never mind. It worked from home.

Anonymous said

at 2:16 pm on Jan 16, 2009

i can't add links from work either, i'll try at home too! maybe it's cuz i use mozilla here at work?

Anonymous said

at 11:18 pm on Jan 17, 2009

Cyndi, I've added your link for you. See you there.

Anonymous said

at 3:14 pm on Jan 18, 2009

thanks a bunch, couldn't get it to work!

Anonymous said

at 7:04 pm on Jan 26, 2009

Sorry for pulling out guys. I have to be in Halifax that week.

Anonymous said

at 8:14 pm on Jan 26, 2009

We'll miss you Omar. Thanks for updating the wiki.

Anonymous said

at 1:55 pm on Feb 9, 2009

hey everyone, i just got a room at the delta chelsea for the sat. night for $109.00. it's a special deal they are having on right now, don't know if any more are left...but the area is a bit better than where the comfort inn is located :)

Anonymous said

at 6:25 pm on Feb 9, 2009

Cindy, thanks for sharing. I'll try getting the word out.

Anonymous said

at 12:41 pm on Feb 11, 2009

Hi Eden! I couldn't seem to add myself to the list without blowing up the page. I've tried with two browsers and no success, so I reverted my changes. Could you try for me?

Anonymous said

at 11:43 am on Feb 16, 2009

Is there a registration cap on the event?

Anonymous said

at 1:52 pm on Feb 16, 2009

Hi CT -- no cap on registration.

Connie Crosby said

at 12:36 am on Feb 17, 2009

Just checking, I note that Al Huizenga did get his name added. Cheers!

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