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PodCamp Toronto 2009 Feedback

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years ago

If you have constructive feedback on PodCamp Toronto 2009 or suggestions for PodCamp Toronto 2010 can be published here. Please keep the feed back constructive and helpful to the organizers.


Hi. Great conference ... I enjoyed it!! The one thing I'd like to mention/suggest is that a number of the sessions I attended (especially the sessions dealing with equipment/techniques/software - eg. making a video, getting the audio/mic right, Apple's Final Cut Pro software) were too short. Thirty minutes just wasn't enough. In each case, the speaker would just get into a groove and start to hit really interesting & important points, and the time limit would be up. Hopefully in future Podcamps some of the sessions (especially the more technical ones) can be given an hour of time. Other than that, it was a blast! Looking forward to next year...

-- John (TorontoLandscapeTV.com)


Terrific work by so many - congratulations on success! I particularly liked the big schedule posted up on a corridor wall - easy and convenient to see options.

-- Ellen Michelson (voteellen@greenparty.ca)


My first Podcamp ... I totally enjoyed the sessions I attended , BIG Thanks to all the Presenters , Speakers , organizers , Sponsors .. a lot of interesting topics ,, Im looking forward to watching the sessions I missed ,,,Congrats to everyone involved !!!!!! ---- ( johnpiercy jpiercy@gmail.com )


My first Podcamp, kudos and many many thanks to the orgainizers. It is an ode to the hemorrhoid factor to put an event together, time consuming and stressful. You did a wonderful job.

Thanks to all the presentors. It is delightful to be in a room full of interested and interesting people who are charged about learning, teaching and sharing information freely. Looking forward to attending next year and seeking out Podcamps in other cities. (Maureen E. Mc Bride maureen@indypendance.com IndyPenDance.com The Home of Polymath Marketing)


Mind blowing event, like Jon this was my first time and it was awesome (looking forward to viewing the sessions I missed out on!) I would suggest two things. Firstly have presenters provide perhaps details of the level of experience/knowledge suggested for the session. I think that way people can go in with a certain understanding of content they will be hearing as there were a few sessions where I ended up leaving as I felt it was too basic but is still useful for someone who is just starting out in it!


My second suggestion is to allow for more open rooms/open sessions. Sunday I attended an interesting session on Mobile Social media and it was the whole room teaching each other which was a lot of fun. Something like this encourages everyone to get involved. Otherwise thanks for all of the awesome work you guys put into this, it was a great learning experience! ( Kevin Richard, kevin.richard@ryerson.ca)


First PodCamp here. Thanks again to all the organizers for putting this event together. Even after the event was over, Twitter's #pcto09 is still buzzing with praises. I look forward to how you are going to outdo next year's gathering. (@rccgd)


A huge thank you to Connie Crosby, Dave Fleet, Eden Spodek, Jay Moonah, Rob Lee, Sean McGaughey, Tommy Vallier and all the presenters and attendees for a fabulous weekend.  I really enjoyed listening to and connecting with such a wide variety of talented, generous and welcoming people.  The large numbers did mean that I missed a few sessions (couldn't squeeze in at the last minute) and the short, full sessions sometimes meant that we didn't have room for a meaty discussion, but I found Sunday's sessions to be very lively and interactive. The very full hallways made me feel much more at home than I did last year, when it seemed that folks in the hallways all knew each other and that I was an outsider. It was great to be able to take on the role of making first-timers feel welcome. I think having good coffee onsite might have helped us gel a bit during the day but I enjoyed going out for lunch (this year) more than I enjoyed the mingling-format free lunch from last year. I could have used a longer lunch break since I arrived too late to squeeze into the 1:00 session. It was great that Sunday wrapped up early enough to allow out-of-towners to head out without missing much -- though I was extremely sorry to miss the lively podcamp 2010 feedback session! Thank you also for making the sessions available online, as choosing between fabulous-sounding sessions was often tough. Thanks again to all of you for putting together an engaging, entertaining, welcoming, educational event. Hope to see you all at PAB in June! (Andrea Ross justOneMoreBook@gmail.com)


Having helped organize PodCamp Montreal, I can certainly appreciate all the hard work that goes into making an event run so smoothly. Congratulations on your success. The registration process was surprisingly easy and smooth and I really didn't feel like I was being swamped in the middle of hundreds of people all trying to sign in at once. Thanks to the speakers who so generously shared their knowledge : I agree that a 45 minute presentation with a 15 minute transfer time would be perfect, as 30 minutes is very short for a presentation + QA.  I understand there was problem with the live stream but am sure those kinds of technical glitches can be improved for next year. The PodCamp Montreal organisers took some great tips home, like the scheduling board and the disclaimer about video taping, so thanks in advance for helping to make PodCamp Montreal even better this year. Cheers!

Michelle Sullivan (@msullivan, ms@michellesullivan.ca, www.michellesullivan.ca, http://montrealbites.vox.com)


Big, huge thankyou's to everybody who worked so hard to put this together.  This is such an important event ... and the generosity of everyone involved (participants as well as organizers and speakers) is outstanding and wonderful. I am still buzzing.  I don't have a lot of suggestions, other than this one -- next year, how about having mikes in all of the session rooms?  In addition to saving our vocal chords because we don't have to shout, the sound will be much clearer on the video recording (and my session was about mike technique, which was hard to demonstrate without a mike).  But let me emphasize one more time that y'all did an amazing job.

Victoria Fenner  vlfenner@gmail.com, www.soundoutmedia.com, twitter profile here


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