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Podcamp Toronto 2008 - Evening Meetups

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Evening Meetups


Add suggested places to go for dinner and/or drinks. Find other Podcamp attendees who want to meetup.


You can add your picks to this editable Google Map. Hit the "Edit" button at the top of the second pane on the left side in the "View Larger Map"-mode.

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Friday, February 22, 2008



How about Caffe Volo or Beer Bistro? (suggested by Jim Milles)


For Sushi lovers... Sushi Plaza! One block north of Gerrard St on Church St (suggested by KAMYLO)


Twitter meetup:


Bier Market at 58 The Esplanade for Friday night. We are unable to get a reservation. We will meet in the bar area. Those who can get there early save tables; Connie will try to get there between 5 and 6 pm. Fionn MacCools a few doors down is our back-up. Who else is interested? Post below or email/DM us - Connie Crosby conniecrosby (at) gmail.com http://twitter.com/conniecrosby or Scott McDougall http://twitter.com/scottwitter. Vergel Evans (trying for 6pm or just after)





Saturday, February 23, 2008

Heading over to Baton Rouge at the Eaton Centre - Dundas and Yonge.



Any plans/suggestions for drinks tonight after dinner?  Write them here:


- Some folks are at The Library





Sunday, February 24th, 2008



You know you are going to do it, even though you say you're not.  You will watch portions of the Oscar's tonight.  Somehow mystically your remote will land on it at some point - and you will be at least for some point in time mesmorized by the bright colours and big hair.  So since you are anyway...might as well watch it somewhere fun right?


I hope you all can make it down tonight to <a href="/http://rivoli.ca/">The Rivoli</a> on Queen West tonight for cocktails and scarcastic commentary.

The festivities start at 7pm.  I especially hope that some of the wonderful people at <a href="/http://podcamptoronto.pbwiki.com">Podcamp Toronto 2008 </a>where I've spent my weekend make it down as well.  For further info email <a href="/mailto:michelle_joseph@rogers.com">me, Michelle Joseph</a>


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